“Because of this unthinkable crisis, FANBASE Mobile would like to support our members by giving 100% of the Net Profits generated by any pay-per-view event scheduled on our platform back to our Public Figures and Non-Profits.”


- Linda Frank, CEO
  1. What is FANBASE Mobile?
    FANBASE Mobile is the first and only “Freelance Pay Per View” platform to offer Public Figures, Organizations, Influencers, and Promoters an avenue to schedule live stream events and market these events to their fans while generating residual income by using our proprietary calendaring system.
  2. Fans
    Register as a Fan and follow your favorite Public Figures or Organizations. Save calendar events or purchase upcoming live stream events and view exclusive content only available on FANBASE Mobile.
  3. The Concept
    We’ve created a universal calendaring platform that allows your fans to follow your public calendar while also allowing them to view upcoming events or scheduled live stream events that will be available for purchase.
  4. Who Me? Yes You!
    Artists, Non-Profits, Influencers, Comedians, Fitness Professionals, and even Politicians! If you have a following, you can register on FANBASE Mobile.
  5. Public Figures
    Register as a Public Figure or Non-Profit to create and publish events on your public calendar. Schedule upcoming live stream events, and you control the pricing! Track sales or donations in real-time and collect residual income for past events that will be available “On Demand” for your fans to save and watch.
  6. Administrative
    Register as an Administrator, and if you’ve been assigned ADMIN rights by your client, you will be able to manage your client’s public calendar from either your personal device or online via our web app.
App Features
  Safety First  

We welcome anyone who has a fanbase to register on FANBASE Mobile.  When registering, you will be vetted through our proprietary “Video Verification Process.”  If you are truly the Public Figure or Organization that you say you are, you will receive a blue check mark validating your identity.  If you do not receive the verification, your account will still be activated and you’ll be good to go!
Viralocity Software takes identity theft very seriously, and we will take every precaution to ensure your account is not duplicated.  If you try to register under a fake name and try to pose as someone you’re not, YOU WILL NOT BE ISSUED AN ACCOUNT with FANBASE Mobile and/or your account may be removed at a future date.  We want all of our VIP’s to have the best experience possible, so do the right thing and let’s make FANBASE Mobile the #1 place for social scheduling and exclusive content!
Freelance Pay Per View!  ​​  
FANBASE Mobile has developed the first and only “Freelance Pay Per View” platform that allows its members to create, schedule, and publish both calendar events and upcoming live stream events all on one master calendar!  Through our NEW and highly intuitive Pay Per View platform, you will be able to take control of your revenue or donations without any contracts or negotiations.  Did we forget to mention that we are a COMMENT FREE platform, so haters can leave their negativity at home.  You call the shots, you say where, when, and how much.  Create exclusive content for your fans and followers to purchase and save.  Fans want more, so go live and show them your best kept secrets.  Let’s make FANBASE Mobile your “GO TO” application for all of your live events, press releases, and behind the scenes exclusive content.
Here It Is, Pure Amazingness!
Create, publish, and show your fans where you’re going to be.  Deliver exclusive content and get paid.
  Search for your favorite Public Figures by name or category.  Follow and save upcoming events.  
  Follow your favorite calendars and be notified in real-time of any new events or upcoming pay per view events.
Pay Per View
Purchase upcoming Live Events or On Demand videos.
Never miss an event! Get notified on updates, or changes to any calendar you are following.
See all the event details and media.  Get notified of arrivals!
FANBASE Mobile Pro

FANBASE PRO -  Our newest addition to our online software gives producers the ability to connect and stream pre-recorded shows, events, or concerts directly through FANBASE Mobile thus eliminating the need for any networks or negotiations.  Streaming pay per view events has never been easier!  Manage, publish events, and track sales right within the app.  


Make FANBASE Mobile your first choice for streaming exclusive content!
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