Is There A Cost To Join FANBASE Mobile?

Never!  We want everyone to enjoy the freedom of using a subscription free platform.

Who Owns The Content I Create?

Any content you create you own outright.  Viralocity Software will never be able to post, distribute, or copy anything other than the content we’ve created for our use.  For more information, please reference our Celebrity Terms of Use.

How Do I Generate Revenue?

This is the BEST part!  We allow our Celebrities to set the cost of each Pay-Per-View event they create.  You will create and post your Live Events on your FANBASE Mobile calendar just like a regular calendar event.  It’s that easy!  Your event cost is set each time you create a new Live Event. 

Can I Track My Sales?

Absolutely!  We have a built-in “Sales” tab, so you can check your sales in real-time right from the app.  View your sales per event and/or daily totals.

How Do I Get Paid?

We are offering a 75/25 revenue share based on the net sales generated within a 30-day period.  Revenue totaling less than $50K will be paid by check, and anything above $50K can be sent via bank wire.  For more information, please reference our “Payment Terms” listed in our Celebrity Terms of Use.

Are Pay-Per-View Events Available On Demand?

Yes, yes, yes!  Once you have completed a Live Stream Event, your events will remain “On Demand” for your fans to purchase whenever they’d like.  As long as FANBASE Mobile exists, so will your Pay-Per-View events!  Can you say RESIDUAL INCOME?

How Long Can I Stream?

Currently, we are allowing a maximum of 2 hours per stream.  Fans that are following your calendar will be notified 10 minutes prior to your event start time that you will be going live so they will have the opportunity to purchase your event in the last minute.

How Much Can I Charge for a Live Stream?

We’ve pre-set a minimum cost of $2.99 per stream for your Live Events, but there is NO maximum. The skies the limit!  Celebrities should take into consideration the exclusivity of their content before setting the cost.  You know the value of your content, so charge for it accordingly.

How Do I Assign An Administrator?

Easy breezy!  You can assign an Administrator to manage your schedule right from our Settings Screen.  As long as this person is a “Contact” on your mobile device, you can assign them Admin rights.  You can also remove someone as quickly as you assigned them.

How Should I use My Calendar To Connect With My Fans?

Schedule and post interesting events on your calendar that your fans can’t see anywhere else on social media.  Public appearances, special events, press releases or anywhere you may be dropping in for an impromptu visit!  Schedule exclusive Live Pay-Per-View events to release behind the scenes footage, personal home or vacation footage, or personal interviews your fans won’t see anywhere else.  Get creative!