App Features
Start by registering for one of our three categories: Celebrity, Fan or Administrator.



If you’re registering as a Celebrity, you may NOT register as an Administrator.  As a Celebrity, you will automatically be registered as a Fan, and you will be able to toggle between your two accounts by tapping on your profile picture located at the top of your Celebrity calendar home screen.

Celebrity Account FEATURES

• Create calendar events.
• Create events and save them as a draft for future publication.
• Create pay per view events.
• Track your sales in real-time.
• View a list of your followers.
• Switch between your Celebrity and Fan account to view other Celebrity calendars and purchase Celebrity pay per view events.
• Customize your calendar.
• Edit your categories.
• Add or remove an Administrator.
• Update your payee info.

As a Fan, you will be able to view and follow your favorite Celebrity calendars and purchase their pay per view events.  Fans may also register as an Administrator.


Fan Account  FEATURES

• Search and view Celebrity calendars.
• Follow your favorite Celebrity calendars.
• Save upcoming events.
• Purchase upcoming Live Events.
• Purchase past Live Events on demand.
• Be notified of new calendar and upcoming live events.
• Be notified of any updates to calendar and live events.
• Be notified of Celebrity arrivals to events.
• Edit your profile.
Administrators are able to manage multiple Celebrity accounts at one time.  If you are an Agent, Manager, PR, or are in Marketing, each Celebrity client will have the option of adding the same Administrator as long as the potential Administrator is listed within the Celebrities phone contacts on their mobile device.

Administrators FEATURES

• Once approved, Administrators will have access to all of the functionality listed under the Celerity category on behalf of the Celebrity that has assigned them as an Administrator.
• Administrators are able to manage more than one Celebrity account.
• Administrators are able to schedule a Live Event, but it’s not recommended that an Administrator “Go Live” within a Celebrity account.